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  • Analysis of the Industry Background of LNG

    LNG and CNG filling stations are a main supply method of natural gas for vehicles. At present, there are LNG skid-mounted filling stations (LNGF filling stations), CNG hydraulic sub-stations and LNG/L-CNG filling stations in China. Next, let me tell you about the industry background of LNG develo...
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  • List Three Forms of LNG Cryogenic Industrial Storage Tanks

    At present, there are three methods of LNG cryogenic industrial storage tanks commonly used at home and abroad, including normal pressure storage, sub-tank storage under pressure, and vacuum tank storage under pressure. Which storage method to choose mainly depends on the size of the storage volu...
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  • The usage of the LNG Cryogenic Storage Tanks

    LNG Cryogenic Storage Tanks Function: Used for LNG liquid storage. Appearance: vertical storage tank, horizontal storage tank Insulation material: vacuum powder (cinnabar sand); wrap-around (glass fiber) Daily transpiration rate: <0.3% Planned maximum working pressure: 1.2MPa Safety valve open...
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  • Characteristics of Stainless Steel Transport Vehicles in Cryogenic Liquid Transport Tanks

    The use of stainless steel materials in liquid transportation vehicles has optimized the production process of the tank, making the production process of this product more environmentally friendly, and the stainless steel raw materials also have high recycling value; next, we mainly look at the t...
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  • Pressure Regulation Process of LNG Storage Tank

    First of all, the LNG storage tank pressure regulation process is an operation to adjust the saturated vapor pressure of LNG in the LNG storage tank before adding gas to the LNG car. There are two types of submersible pump pressure regulation processes. Next, we also want to tell you about the pr...
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  • List the relevant requirements for LNG cryogenic storage tanks

    The inner tank wall of the lng storage tank is required to be resistant to low temperature, and materials such as 9Ni steel or aluminum alloy are generally used, and the outer tank wall is prestressed reinforced concrete. For liquefied natural gas tanks, there are also many special requirements, ...
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  • Dry Replacement Technology for LNG Gas Storage Tanks

    After the low-temperature LNG enters the storage tank, the part with water will condense into ice immediately, and the secondary bottom plate will be lifted up, thereby damaging the structure of the inner tank; in addition, the expanded perlite filled between the inner and outer storage tanks wil...
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  • Analysis of Nondestructive Testing Technology of ln2 Cryogenic Tank

    In order to reduce and prevent the occurrence of failure accidents of ln2 Cryogenic Tank, regular monitoring and non-destructive testing are carried out. We want to tell you about the non-destructive testing technology of ln2 Cryogenic Tank. The selection of non-destructive testing methods should...
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  • Characteristics and usage of cryogenic liquids

    Cryogenic liquids have dangerous properties such as lower boiling point, greater expansion, strong suffocation and strong oxidation. However, we all know that for cryogenic liquids, there will be some precautions when using them. Please check the following analysis. (1) The boiling point of cryog...
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  • Experiment and Analysis of LNG Storage Tank Airtightness

    With the development of my country’s LNG industry, the use of LNG has become more and more extensive, and the number and volume of cryogenic storage tanks in the receiving station have become larger and larger, which also increases the potential danger to a certain extent. Therefore, we nee...
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  • Analysis of LNG Storage Tank Level

    For lng storage tanks, the occurrence of tumbling is a very serious matter, and it is a serious accident. The continuous high liquid level operation of the LNG storage tank increases the consequences of the “tumbling” of the liquid in the tank and increases the probability of tumbling...
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  • Briefly Describe the Filling Matters of LNG Storage Tanks

    Briefly Describe the Filling Matters of LNG Storage Tanks

    Generally, some dangerous gases are stored in lng storage tanks. Once leakage occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, for lng storage tanks, its safety requirements are also very high. These dangerous storage equipment, its The danger is always present, and the same is true for some...
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