Why your LPG cylinder prices may change more frequently soon

The new year is approaching, and many things will change, including the method of determining the price of LPG cylinders. As far as your cooking gas bill is concerned, you may find that you pay a different rate each week. Things seem to be moving in the direction of shortening the set rate that consumers must pay.
The price of LPG cylinders was adjusted on the 1st and 16th in December. This is based on the international benchmark fuel average exchange rate and foreign exchange exchange rate in the previous two weeks. However, according to DNA, oil companies now plan to adjust prices once a week. Consumers are now accustomed to the daily adjustments in gasoline and diesel prices. Of course, more frequent changes in the price of LPG cylinders will not be a problem. However, please note that the official has not yet made any decision on this.
The reason is to make the process more efficient, just like what has been done before in terms of gasoline and fuel prices. In order to better cope with the daily fluctuations in the prices of petroleum products, oil companies now plan to change prices every week. In this way, oil companies can better average prices and ensure that they do not face the prospect of losses that are currently occurring.
Currently, consumers are paying Rs 694 for LPG cylinders for unsubsidized 14.2 kg cylinders in Delhi and Mumbai, and Rs 720.50 in Kolkata. In Chennai, the price is 710 rupees. According to Indian Petroleum Corporation, the price increase of LPG cylinders took effect on December 15. The price of 5 kg cylinders has also increased by 18 rupees, and the price of 19 kg cylinders has also increased by 36.50 rupees. Each household can purchase up to 12 LPG cylinders at the subsidized price each year.
To the frustration of ordinary people, the oil company raised the price of cooking gas by 100 rupees in December.
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Post time: Sep-28-2021

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