Where to test the car CNG cylinders? How long can CNG cylinders be released from trial?

As early as around 2005, many taxis began to use natural gas. Vehicles that convert oil to gas need to install a CNG cylinders in the trunk, and this CNG cylinders needs to be checked regularly. So where can car CNG cylinders be tested? In fact, it can be monitored at the special equipment testing institute and the authorized testing point of the vehicle management institute where the vehicle is located.

Where can a car CNG cylinders be tested?

There are generally two ways to detect automobile CNG cylinders:

1. Special equipment testing institute: You can call the special equipment testing institute where the vehicle is located first. We need to bring the oil-to-gas registration certificate, driving license, ID card and gas tank factory certificate during the inspection;

2. Inspection points authorized by the DMV: In some areas, the DMV will authorize several professional organizations to test gas tanks in a certain area. We can call the local DMV for inquiries.

CNG cylinders

How long can CNG cylinders be released from trial?

CNG cylinders will be automatically scrapped after three years out of trial, and annual trial can be conducted within three years of trial, but a fine of 50-200 yuan must be paid. The annual review time for CNG gas cylinders is different in different regions. Most of them do not need annual review for the first three years of installation of CNG gas cylinders, and then need annual review once a year.

The service life of CNG cylinders can reach about 15 years. For commercial vehicles, it usually needs to be scrapped in 10 years. Usually, we need to pay attention to whether the rubber pad of the CNG gas cylinder is damaged. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

Post time: Jan-24-2022

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