The Types of LNG Storage Tanks

The LNG cryogenic storage tank is a typical vacuum powder insulated cryogenic pressure vessel with a double-layered cylinder structure. The inner and outer cylinders are fixed by pulling slings, the middle interlayer is filled with pearlescent sand, and a molecular sieve adsorber is installed. The storage tank is equipped with a vaporizer and a cryogenic liquid Pump, which can send high-pressure gas directly through the vaporizer. Next, let’s talk about the types of lng storage tanks.

What are the types of LNG storage tanks:

Different shapes
Cylindrical: used in industrial gas gasification stations, small LNG production equipment, satellite liquefaction equipment, civil gas gasification stations, and LNG car filling stations.
Large cylindrical shape: used for basic load, peak shaving liquefaction equipment, and LNG terminals.
Spherical: used in civil gas gasification station, LNG car filling station.

Different capacity
①5~50m3: Suzhou lng storage tank manufacturers say that it is commonly used in civil LNG car filling points and civil gas liquefaction stations.
②50~100m3: mostly used in industrial gas liquefaction station.
③100~1000m3: suitable for small LNG production equipment.
④10000~40000m3: used for basic load and peak regulation liquefaction equipment.
⑤40000~200000m3: used for LNG receiving station.

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