The price of LPG cylinders increases by 343.4 rupees per 11.8 kg cylinder

Islamabad: According to a report by Geographic News on Friday, the price of domestic LPG cylinders has risen by 343 rupees.
The Oil and Natural Gas Regulatory Agency (OGRA) issued a notice stating that the price of 11.8 kilograms of LPG cylinders for domestic use was set at Rs 2,403.55.
The new price is effective today (October 1). The notice disclosed that the price of LPG cylinders has increased by 29.11 rupees per kilogram, which means that the new price of domestic LPG cylinders is 203.69 rupees.
Since liquefied petroleum gas is considered “the fuel of the poor” and it is also used in most areas without natural gas, it may affect the household budget of the majority of the population. The price of liquefied petroleum gas has been rising in the past few months.
Propane and butane are the two main components of LPG, and Middle Eastern oil producers sell LPG to Asian countries.
The price of a commercial cylinder weighing 45.4 kg has also increased by Rs 1,321 per cylinder, priced at Rs 9,247. According to the notice, the price of liquefied petroleum gas rose from 174.6 rupees/kg in September to 203.7 rupees/kg, an increase of 29.1 rupees/kg.
Ogra also announced an increase in the price of petroleum products, which is also effective today.
A notice from the finance department stated that gasoline prices have risen “due to rising oil prices in the international market.”
“Ogra has calculated a higher oil price, but the Prime Minister has decided to oppose the proposal and pass on the minimum price increase to consumers,” it said.
It added that the government has already absorbed higher international price pressures by reducing oil taxes and sales taxes. “Pakistan’s oil prices are the cheapest in the region,” the notice said.
At the same time, the price of kerosene was 7.05 rupees higher, at 99.31 rupees per liter, while the price of light diesel increased by 8.82 rupees, at 99.51 rupees per liter. The price of LPG rose by 16.67% in October to reach Rs 2,403.5 per cylinder.

Post time: Oct-12-2021

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