• Will the Airbus-CFM H2 flight demonstrator use metal or composite fuel tanks?

    The Airbus A380 test bed will fly in 2026 with four 100kg tanks of liquid hydrogen – metal and composite materials are being developed through the Airbus ZEROe development center – and there are multiple other plans for development for civil aviation of composite hydrogen tanks, the p...
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  • Analysis of Nondestructive Testing Technology of ln2 Cryogenic Tank

    In order to reduce and prevent the occurrence of failure accidents of ln2 Cryogenic Tank, regular monitoring and non-destructive testing are carried out. We want to tell you about the non-destructive testing technology of ln2 Cryogenic Tank. The selection of non-destructive testing methods should...
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  • liquid oxygen cryogenic tank for humans

    The Dewar has two main advantages: The first is that it can hold large quantities of gas at relatively low pressures compared to compressed gas cylinders. The second is that it provides an easily manipulated source of cryogenic liquid. Due to the robustness and reliability of the Dewar tank, its ...
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  • Characteristics and usage of cryogenic liquids

    Cryogenic liquids have dangerous properties such as lower boiling point, greater expansion, strong suffocation and strong oxidation. However, we all know that for cryogenic liquids, there will be some precautions when using them. Please check the following analysis. (1) The boiling point of cryog...
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  • Automated Filament Winding Enables Competitive Composite Cylinders | Composites World

    A carefully controlled, robust mass production process provides manufacturers of Class IV LPG/CNG storage tanks with a way to meet the growing demand in Europe and Asia. Mass production without sacrificing quality: MIKROSAM (Prilep, Macedonia) has taken advantage of the European and Asian demand ...
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  • Experiment and Analysis of LNG Storage Tank Airtightness

    With the development of my country’s LNG industry, the use of LNG has become more and more extensive, and the number and volume of cryogenic storage tanks in the receiving station have become larger and larger, which also increases the potential danger to a certain extent. Therefore, we nee...
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  • Compressed natural gas generally refers to gaseous natural gas that is pressurized to about 20MPa in multiple stages and can be used as fuel for vehicle engines.

    Precautions for use 1. The use and installation of compressed natural gas cylinders for automobiles should comply with the relevant standards, and should be refitted and maintained by a formal refitting factory with CNG vehicle refitting qualifications issued by the province, including installati...
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  • Analysis of LNG Storage Tank Level

    For lng storage tanks, the occurrence of tumbling is a very serious matter, and it is a serious accident. The continuous high liquid level operation of the LNG storage tank increases the consequences of the “tumbling” of the liquid in the tank and increases the probability of tumbling...
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  • India: Prepare for the next oxygen emergency and improve health services

    In May 2021, India found itself at the global epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic.As the second wave hit, demand for medical oxygen soared tenfold, a tragic scene unfolded as people struggled to get their hands on the life-saving commodity. The sudden surge in demand has been exacerbated by the co...
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  • Control measures for storage tank installation engineering

    The quality control of the installation and construction of the storage tank is divided into three stages: the prefabricated parts of the storage tank, the pre-assembled parts of the storage tank, and the formal installation of the storage tank. The quality control should run through the entire c...
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  • Lng Dewar Cylinder Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Tank Oxygen Gas Cylinder

    Max Working Pressure(MPa) 1.40MPa Capacity 175L Weight 112kg Storage Medium oxygen, nitrogen,argon, lng Geometric Volume 175 liters Effective Volume 166 liters Working Pressure 1.40 Mpa Activated Pressure of Safety Valve:: 1.59 Mpa Bursting Pres...
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  • Briefly Describe the Filling Matters of LNG Storage Tanks

    Briefly Describe the Filling Matters of LNG Storage Tanks

    Generally, some dangerous gases are stored in lng storage tanks. Once leakage occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, for lng storage tanks, its safety requirements are also very high. These dangerous storage equipment, its The danger is always present, and the same is true for some...
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