MEIL imported 3 cryogenic oxygen tanks for the Telangana government to relieve oxygen shortage

Hyderabad (Tlangana) [India], May 23 (ANI): Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) has a special medical Langana imported three cryogenic oxygen tanks from Thailand and arrived at Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad. MEIL PVT Ltd received them. 11 such tankers from Bangkok (Thailand) are coming soon. Each cryogenic oxygen tanker will be able to provide 140 million liters of oxygen. These tanks will help increase the supply of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) to hospitals, and these tanks are provided free of charge by MEIL to Telangana State. The first batch of three tankers landed here at Bergampert Air Force Base on Saturday, and the remaining eight tanks will arrive here in a few days. Each cryogenic tank can supply 1.4 million liters of medical oxygen, and the combined oxygen of all 11 tanks is close to 15.4 million liters. It has been ordered from Thailand, and we received the first batch today. With the continuous support of the Indian Air Force, three tankers have been shipped from Thailand to Hyderabad. He further mentioned that all the oxygen brought by MEIL will be handed over to the Telangana government to solve the oxygen shortage problem free of charge. He said that a tanker has a capacity of 20 metric tons. Srinivas further mentioned that the remaining low temperature in a few days The oxygen tanker will arrive in Hyderabad.
With the assistance of the Indian Air Force (IAF), the first batch of three cryogenic oxygen tanks were shipped from Thailand. A special defense plane taking off from Chandigarh picked up the tank from Bangkok before arriving in Hyderabad. When talking to ANI, Captain Sunil Tomer, an officer of the Indian Air Force, said that this is all part of supporting India’s larger plan to fight Iran. Covid pandemic. “IAF is ready to do whatever is needed for the country’s fight against Covid. We are already moving oxygen cylinders and oil tankers.” The advisory committee set up by Telangana government chief secretary Somesh Kumar has been monitoring the entire operation. The Federal Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs approved the smooth transportation of these tankers from Bangkok. The national defense plane from Chandigarh has retrieved the tanks from Bangkok and transported them to Hyderabad. “Transporting liquid oxygen for medical purposes from manufacturing plants to hospitals is full of bottlenecks. Now, these 11 cryogenic tanks will help the state government meet the needs of hospitals that desperately need oxygen,” said P Rajesh Reddy, MEIL’s vice president. The company is working to bridge the gap between medical oxygen supply and demand to combat the Covid pandemic by providing free oxygen to hospitals. Although cryogenic tanks will shorten the time by facilitating the large-scale movement of medical oxygen to medical institutions, MEIL’s import actions have also shortened the time to manufacture cryogenic tanks, which will take three months, the company said to build an oil tanker. The company’s management has suspended all other operations and is focusing on increasing the supply of oxygen to the two phones in Ogu State. It has made the procurement of cryogenic tanks a priority. From the Bolarum facility at MEIL, between May 9 and 21, the company has delivered 29,694 metric tons of LMO, equivalent to 30 million liters of oxygen. The factory supplies an average of 400 steel cylinders. (ANI)
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Post time: Oct-12-2021

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