Medical oxygen cylinder market: main trends, drivers and opportunities

High-purity oxygen is a key medical supply to meet the urgent needs of patients in a hospital environment. It is also widely used in other environments to meet the urgent need for oxygen, which is spiraling in demand as a life-saving gas for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The on-site production of medical oxygen must comply with various regulations regarding its storage and transportation, thereby shaping the development opportunities of the medical oxygen cylinder market. For large batches, cryogenic steel cylinders are preferred.
In addition to using oxygen in the pipeline supply, the demand for refillable oxygen cylinders is also stable. In recent months, the demand for oxygen cylinders has surged, and there has been a gap in supply and demand, which has been unable to meet the urgent needs of COVID-19 patients.
Products on the medical oxygen cylinder market can have different sizes, depending on the different requirements of home care and hospital care. The bulky one can weigh about 150 pounds and may contain more than 7,800 liters of liquid oxygen. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is one of the most common methods of producing medical oxygen.
The increasing demand for oxygen supply by COVID-19 patients has been one of the most obvious trends affecting the production and distribution of medical oxygen cylinders. Governments of various countries, especially the governments of India and the United States, have been actively adjusting production, distribution and storage regulations and adopting policies to bridge the gap between supply and demand. For example, the Indian government alone requested bids to increase the number of PSA factories to fill the demand and supply of oxygen cylinders in public hospitals.
The regulatory framework that defines general safety precautions and specific guidelines to ensure proper storage of medical oxygen cylinders supports the growth of the medical oxygen cylinder market. For example, compliance related to the storage of non-flammable compressed gases is beneficial to manufacturers and distributors.
Another key aspect is the production of the cylinder itself. The increasing demand for cryogenic containers has led some countries to rely on imports. This trend is significantly affecting the growth of the medical oxygen cylinder market. Then, water purification and the oxygen used by pharmaceutical companies have competing demands for medical oxygen. The hospital’s careful evaluation of the oxygen supply system is the key to promoting the market prospects of medical oxygen cylinders.
During the COVID-19 outbreak, in countries with a large number of cases, especially in the second half of 2020 and early 2021, the demand for medical oxygen cylinders surged. In addition, governments of various countries have given emergency medical oxygen cylinders to the movement of tankers and trucks containing oxygen.
In order to prevent hospitals from competing to purchase oxygen cylinders, the government has been promoting on-site production, which has recently attracted attention in India. Sufficient on-site production may also end the fierce demand for oxygen supply. This is a key trend that provides incremental pathways for participants in the medical oxygen cylinder market.
The Asia-Pacific region has become a lucrative medical oxygen cylinder market. The widespread demand for medical oxygen cylinders used to manage chronic diseases in home care institutions and hospitals drives the growth prospects of the regional market. Emerging economies have witnessed a steady increase in the number of production plants in the region, stimulating the growth path of companies in the medical oxygen cylinder market. North America is also a lucrative market, and the key to growth lies in the implementation of various regulations on oxygen production and storage.
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Post time: Nov-23-2021

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