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Cryogenic liquids may be familiar to everyone. In liquid methane, ethane, propane, propylene, etc., they all belong to the category of cryogenic liquids. Such cryogenic liquids are not only flammable and explosive products, but also belong to low-high temperature media. During transportation and storage Safety must be paid attention to.Due to the flammable and explosive characteristics of low-temperature liquids, higher requirements are placed on the thermal insulation performance of tank trucks, and low-temperature thermal insulation technology has been widely used in tank structures.
The main purpose of using low-temperature insulation technology for storage tanks is to minimize the heat leakage to low-temperature equipment through convection, heat conduction and radiation. Thermal insulation of low-temperature liquid tankers is not only a method, but is different according to the physical characteristics of storage and the use requirements of liquefied gas. low-temperature adiabatic method.
Low temperature insulation technology includes high vacuum multi-layer insulation, vacuum powder insulation and fiber insulation, stack insulation and other forms. The most common cryogenic liquid is liquefied natural gas (LNG), and its main component is liquefied methane. We see the LNG of semi-trailer. Storage and transportation is the most common high vacuum multi-layer insulation method.
The cryogenic liquid transport vehicle is composed of a tank body and a semi-trailer frame. The tank body is composed of an inner cylinder body, an outer cylinder body, and a thermal insulation layer.The tank body adopts high vacuum multi-layer insulation technology.The outer surface of the inner cylinder is wrapped with a multi-layer insulating layer composed of multi-layer aluminum foil and glass fiber paper.The number of layers of aluminum foil directly affects the insulating effect of the multilayer insulating layer.
High vacuum multi-layer insulation is simply a lot of radiation protection screens, which are installed in the vacuum interlayer area between the inner and outer cylinders. material, vacuum level, multilayer density and number of boundary temperatures, etc.
The advantages of high vacuum multi-layer thermal insulation are that the thermal insulation performance is good, the gap between layers is small, and under the same conditions, the volume of the inner container is larger than that of the vacuum powder conveyor.In addition, the use of high vacuum multi-layer insulation can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, the weight of the whole vehicle is lighter, and the pre-cooling loss is smaller than that of vacuum powder.The stability is better than that of vacuum powder, and the insulating layer is not easy to settle.
The disadvantage is that the manufacturing process of this kind of equipment is relatively complicated, the unit volume cost is high, the vacuum degree is very high, it is not easy to vacuumize, and there is also the problem of heat conduction in the parallel direction.
With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for cryogenic liquids in industry is increasing.As a flammable and explosive material, cryogenic liquid has certain requirements on the structure of the means of transport during storage and transportation.Low-temperature insulation is the core structure of low-temperature liquid transport vehicles. High-vacuum multi-layer insulation technology has become a commonly used insulation method for tanks due to its high-efficiency insulation performance.
HL Cryogenic Equipment was established in 1992 and is a brand of HL Cryogenic Equipment Company Cryogenic Equipment Co.,Ltd.HL cryogenic equipment is committed to the design and manufacture of high vacuum adiabatic cryogenic piping systems and related supporting equipment to meet the various needs of customers.The vacuum insulation pipes and hoses are made of high vacuum, multi-layer and multi-screen special insulation materials, and are used for the transportation of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen after a series of extremely strict technical treatment and high vacuum treatment., liquid argon, liquid hydrogen, liquid helium, liquefied ethylene gas LEG and liquefied natural gas LNG.
HL Cryogenic Equipment Company’s series of vacuum jacketed tubes, vacuum jacketed hoses, vacuum jacketed valves, and phase separators have undergone a series of extremely strict technical treatments for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid hydrogen, Liquid helium, LEG and LNG, these products serve air separation, gas, aviation, electronics, superconductivity, chips, automated assembly, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, biobanks, rubber, new material manufacturing, chemical, steel, scientific research Wait.
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