Characteristics and usage of cryogenic liquids

Cryogenic liquids have dangerous properties such as lower boiling point, greater expansion, strong suffocation and strong oxidation. However, we all know that for cryogenic liquids, there will be some precautions when using them. Please check the following analysis.

(1) The boiling point of cryogenic liquid under 101.3KPa pressure: liquid nitrogen is -196°C, liquid oxygen is -183°C, and liquid argon is -186°C. It can cause severe frostbite to the skin and eyes when in contact with the human body.Cryogenic liquid cylinder suppliers say that when a small amount of low-temperature liquid leaks or leaks in the pipe valve, it will absorb the heat of the surrounding environment, and the leakage point will quickly condense and freeze, and in severe cases, it will freeze.
(2) The low-temperature liquid will absorb the surrounding energy due to the high heat of the surrounding environment or a large amount of leakage, and its volume will expand due to rapid vaporization. At 0°C and 101.3KPa pressure, the gas volume of 1L cryogenic liquid after vaporization: nitrogen is 674L, oxygen is 800L, and argon is 780L. In a closed container or pipeline, the internal pressure rises due to the vaporization of low-temperature liquid, which may easily cause the container or pipeline to burst under overpressure.

(iii) In the surrounding environment of the cryogenic liquid cylinder, the gas-rich area is easily formed after the leakage and gasification of the cryogenic liquid. The cryogenic liquid cylinder supplier said that if the concentration of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide is high, it is very easy to cause suffocation injury. In addition, oxygen-enriched damage also occurs when the oxygen concentration is high.
(iv) Oxygen is a strong combustion accelerant with strong oxidizing properties. When liquid oxygen is close to combustibles, it is very easy to cause combustion in case of open fire; when it touches combustibles, it is prone to detonation due to vibration, impact, etc.; when it is mixed with combustibles, there is a potential explosion hazard. Liquid oxygen can adhere to clothing fabrics, and it is easy to cause flashover and personal injury when encountering an ignition source.

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