- 2001 -

In 2001, when Hansheng was established, the company purchased domestic advanced production and testing equipment, such as deep drawing machines, automatic welding lines, annealing furnaces, shot blasting machines, spray booths, automatic hydraulic testing machines, air leakage testing machines, universal testing machines, chemical analysis etc., used to produce liquefied petroleum gas cylinders. During this period, we continued to expand production scale and update equipment. Today, we can produce liquefied petroleum gas cylinders of various specifications from 5 kg to 50 kg.

- 2009 -

In 2009, Hansheng added 6 CNG bottle production lines, 2 heat treatment and tempering lines, as well as machining, spraying and winding production lines. It has an annual production capacity of 360,000 cylinders and can produce industrial steel seamless bottles and CNG steel seamless cylinders for vehicles, CNG glass fiber circumferentially wound gas cylinders for CNG vehicles, carbon fiber wound gas cylinders for CNG vehicles, composite material wound gas cylinders for CNG vehicles, steel seamless cylinders for CNG stations, fire-fighting steel cylinders, LPG composites Cylinders, respirators and other products.


- 2012 -

In 2012, Hansheng purchased domestic and foreign professional large-scale hydraulic pendulum coiling machines, automatic CNC four-roller coiling machines, automatic CNC longitudinal seam, circumferential seam welding machine, vacuum unit, CNC winding machine, electrostatic spraying, helium mass spectrometry Leak detector, spectrum analyzer, automatic ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray digital imaging system and other production and testing equipment. Used in the production of low-temperature welding insulated bottles, low-temperature storage tanks, D1, D2 pressure vessels and other products. The annual output of cryogenic bottles is more than 40,000, and storage tanks are more than 2,000.

- 2021 -

Now we have developed into a comprehensive enterprise which has a variety of advanced fully automated production lines, such as seamless gas cylinder production lines with diameters of 108 to 232, and production lines for liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and liquefied propane cylinders of various specifications from 5 kg to 50 kg. It can produce various industrial Dewar cylinders, compressed natural gas cylinders for vehicles (CNG-1&CNG-2), low-temperature liquefied natural gas cylinders for vehicles (LNG), civil liquefied petroleum gas cylinders (LPG) and long tube trailers. The annual output can reach 300,000 CNG natural gas cylinders, 60,000 various cryogenic industrial Dewar and LNG cylinders, 1 million petroleum liquefied gas cylinders and 300 long-tube trailers.


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